Key Note Address

This is an eye opener session for the corporate to know how the productivity is dependent on health and happiness and how can we improve on them very easily. Just focusing on productivity does not help unless health and happiness is handled which in turn help improving productivity of the organization.

Corporate Health Partnership

Health Partnership with the corporate for the senior Executive team to a healthy and medicine free and stress free life with enhanced productivity. We work on reducing the medical reimbursement payments to employees by the employer. We work on a complete plan for individual team members with group and individual with one on one sessions. We motivate and handhold the individuals to follow the regimes and help them go towards a shift in the way they handle their health, stress levels and productivity issues.

A 2 Day Productivity & Wellness Workshop

A complete workshop to learn about  connection and criteria of productivity for an individual and how the better health and sound mind can help a person grow in productivity leaps and bound. Question and answer session along with demonstration of regimes to see the effect of the same.

Health is Money - Open Public Workshops

A free public workshop for the Senior Executives by invitation only whenever announced